Gastric Ulcers in Horse

Posted By Dr Indiana Conway,
14/05/2024 00:00 AM
Stomach ulcers are a very common problem in Australian performance horses. A horse’s stomach has two distinct areas; the squamous (non-glandular region) and the Glandular region. It is the squamous...

Dehydration in Calves

Posted By Dr Indy Conway,
23/04/2024 00:00 AM
Dehydration is a common cause of death in young calves that not suckling appropriately. Young animals have poor energy storage capacity and can go downhill very quickly when not receiving adequate...

Correct Bandaging Technique for Horses

Posted By Dr Indiana Conway,
05/03/2024 00:00 AM
Knowing how to bandage a leg can be a valuable tool in your arsenal if something goes wrong. Below I have outlined the materials needed as well as a step-by-step guide and tips for bandaging a lower...

Warming up your Horse to Prevent Injuries

Posted By Lexie Titmarsh,
08/01/2024 17:59 PM
Warming up a horse is a vital step to achieving optimal athletic performance as it greatly reduces the risk of soft tissue injury. Although warming up for different disciplines varies there are some...

Dummy Foals

Posted By Lexie Titmarsh,
21/12/2023 00:00 AM
Neonatal encephalopathy and perinatal asphyxia syndrome in neonatal foals also known as a ‘dummy foal’ has a wide clinical spectrum of symptoms associated with the syndrome.  These signs...

Tick Control and Paddock Spelling

Posted By Dr Indiana Conway BVSc Hons,
11/12/2023 00:00 AM
Tick management in a cattle herd can contribute significantly to the daily weight gain and therefore sale weight of individual animals and should be considered when planning paddock rotation. The life...

Colostrum - Why it is so Important for Calves

Posted By Dr Indiana Conway BVSc (Hons),
27/11/2023 00:00 AM
Colostrum is the precursor to milk in a lactating cow, and is the first thing she excretes after giving birth. It is rich in protein, fats and carbohydrates as well as vital maternal antibodies....

Barefoot VS Shod Horses

Posted By Dr Indiana Conway,
14/11/2023 00:00 AM
A very controversial topic between horse people is shoeing your horse versus allowing your horse to be barefoot. Some people firmly believe that horses should never have shoes whilst others believe...

The Importance of slowly changing your Horse's Feed

Posted By Dr Indiana Conway,
07/11/2023 00:00 AM
Often as owners we want to provide variety in our horse’s diet so they don’t get “bored”. However the reality is, if your horse is performing well, in good body condition and eating there is no need...

Calving Issues

Posted By Dr Indiana Conway,
31/10/2023 00:00 AM
During calving season it is a good idea to monitor cows and heifers regularly for signs of labour, calving issues and sick calves. Cattle go through 3 stages of labour – the first is generally isolati...